Personal Trainers Helping you acheive your goals.

man run

Jamie Coulthard

Cadio Fitness

I love exercise & training hard, pushing the limits to reach my goals.

I specialise in cardio workouts & building lean muscle using advanced techniques including resistance training.

I keep exercise fun and rewarding meaning you'll exceed your potential.

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Lucy Ferrera

Fat Burning

I love netball & skiing as they help keep me toned & in shape all year round.

Losing weight is my speciality in keeping with low body mass & healthy eating & wellbeing.

I provide expert advice on eating right & nutritional balance.

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Max Khaliida

Muscle Building

I specialise in building muscle including lots of free weights & resistance training.

I love transforming people into stronger & defined bodies they can be proud of over a short time.

Maintaing the physique is an ongoing enjoyable journey, fun & easy.

Weight loss

Working with a personal trainer gave my confidence a boost that I could go further. I lost 3 stone in a 8 weeks and kept it off.


As an elderley gentleman my health was worsening. My personal trainer helped ease me back into exercise increasing my stamina & now walk up flights of stairs without getting out of breath.

Toning up

After having twins I felt unattractive. Using a personal trainer encouraged me to do more in my routine, showing me techniques which could be used anytime. I am now toned and flattened and feel fabulous.Tanya95 - Throwbridge

Injury Recovery

I play football every weekend, I was tackled hard one match & tore a ligament, I couldn't walk. After I signed up to the gym the trainers have used techniques to alleviate the pain & get me back to playing football.

Building muscle

Wanting to be boxer, I decided to head to everyday fitness. My personal trainer.

Triathalon training

After signing up to a triathalon, I got a personal trainer to get me into shape. After cardio & vigarous training techniques I finished under my predicted time